Autoflower OG KUSH advice

Hey guys, can you take a look at these photos of a plant of mine and give me some advice? This plant doesn’t look like it is budding, it has looked like this for about a week and a half.

Looks like they’ve constantly stretched for the light. :disappointed:

How old are the plants? What are you growing it in? Have you given it any nutes? Without that info I would say check ph, give it some molasses unsulfered, and some cal mag and see if it makes a difference. Have you trimmed all the fan leaves off or is this just how it grew?

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It’s about 2 1/2 months old I haven’t done anything but water and more the light. I’m new and I just purchased some FoxFarm soil and nutrients for my next grow. I was just wondering if this was going to do anything or should I just put her down.

Did I have the light to high?

It just looks like they’re reaching. How high is it and what type?

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I had one that started out that way. I set my light at 24 inches like it said on the box. I lowered the light to 10" and she recovered. I made the adjustment when she was just starting to Veg.
She stayed stretched all the way to the end. But I harvested her at 74 days.

Yours are that age now. For an Auto, I don’t think this crop will do all that well.


Did you trim all the leaves from her and i would lower the light and if you have any kelp and molasses 1 or 2 tbs per gallon

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I trimmed a lot off, they looked like they were almost dead. I put her down, I have another one that is doing great. I bought some FoxFarm and happyfrog soil with the fertilizers for my next grow probably start in a week or so, hopefully with the correct soil and nutrients I should do well. I will keep everyone posted on the next grow.:crossed_fingers:


The right soil makes a big difference. Anything to reduce the number of variables.
I bought MixASoil. I add zero neuts.
Changed my whole experience.


I think you had the light too high, from my first grow I have never had nothing but fat buds…but airy because I have realized I use too many nutes

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