Autoflower Lighting White Widow and AK 47

Rookie grower. New to this.
I got the White Widow and AK 47 autoflower seeds.
March 1 grew seedling for one month 24 hours light.
April 1 switched to 18 on 6 off.
May 7 switched to 12 on 12 off. WW had some flowers coming in.
June 18 realized that autos should have more light switched to 18 on 6 off.
They have grown more it seems in the vegetative stage, but no more flowers are appearing.
WW is short and stubby, dark green. AK is tall and more slender, lime green.

What to do now, just let them grow? I am afraid the lighting cycles messed them up.
Please help!

Welcome @GSD . Ya, the light may have confused them a little, they are autos and you shouldn’t need to be changing light schedules. Either keep them at 18/6 or 20/4 from start to finish. Many feel that autos do need some rest, others don’t and go 24/0 the whole run.

But what to do now? I would leave them at 18/6, they will eventually flower. Are you approaching you height limit in your tent? With say 18" gap between top of canopy and light? You can try some LST on them and gently bend the tall branches downwards. This will even up the canopy and give you more vertical for growth. Squeeze the stems gently between your fingers to soften the stem and they should bend downward slightly. You can use pipe cleaners or plastic coated wire to hook around the branch and bend it, then secure the other end to either the edge of your pot or you screen.

What type of light are you using? And what brand soil? Are you feeding them nutes what brand, how much and how often? Do you test your water’s pH before watering/feeding?

The more we know, the better the community can help you dial them in and become successful!

Thanks! I will leave lighting as 18 on 6 off.
Not near the top of the tent yet. I do some LST and trellis training.
The soil is Fox Farm. I water with distilled water, seaweed extract, and some molasses for sugars. Compost tea weekly.

Keep it on 18 6 the whole time Bud, they go into flower on their own lots of light lots of buds more light more budUploading: 20220622_095725.jpg… Uploading: 20220622_095538.jpg… Uploading: 20220622_095555.jpg…