Autoflower help

Hello friends, I’m growing a few plants in a closet, they are doing pretty good except one, Everytime the light cycle shuts down it starts to droop. I attached pictures of both. Any thoughts or I’m I just being and hysterical parent?


hey @Shameless1963 Does the droopy plant come back when lights come on again

Its sleeping they will drop lights off

Yes it does looks good when lights are on goes limp when lights are off

@Shameless1963 I wonder if it cooler where this plant is compared to the others…lights go off and she gets cold.

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Good thought, I did turn the heat up and put a fan in there. She seems to be doing better.

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When the lights are on; the plant should always perk up. You know when they are happy based on that rigor and color. Lights off the plant goes to sleep after a little of time in darkness. They literally loose that perk and droop to sleep. If your not noticing that cycle then either overwatering or bacterial wilt. Not too much in between there as far as my experience has been.

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Good afternoon, yes when lights on perky, lights off droopy. Sounds like they are sleeping. Thanks for the information.:v:

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