Autoflower Fertilization

Hi, I’m relatively new to indoor growing I a starting some autos and can’t seem to find a nute that has the proper NPK recommended for autos . Can anyone help?

what are you growing in?..soil / substrate / hydro mix…indoor or out, faucet water or ro, filtered, distilled? Size of containers (and if you are going to transplant, include that)

Fox farm ocean forest 2 gallon pots indoor distilled water and no transplanting.

no nutrients until they begin to flower…FFOF has enough nutes to support growth until early flower. After that, any bloom / boost at .5 strength will do
DO NOT OVERWATER! water them when they need water. Usually they will begin to droop a little when thirsty. Lift the pot and get used to feeling a wet / dry 2 gal cloth bag…
You can top dress (like an organic dry) or soluble like 20-10-20 (but then you have to flush when using synthetics…that is a 2 week process of clear water only, then dry, then 2 days darkness pre harvest…That means you begin the harvest process when the trikes are going from clear to milky…or pistils are just starting to brown

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Thank you, that is the plan I just haven’t been able to find a fertilizer that is 20-10-20 do you have any recommendations?

if you only have a couple / few plants and 2 gal containers, a small one would suffice
Click on this for 20-10-20 at amazon
this is a synthetic
watch Dr Bugbee
click this

Thanks again good advice :+1: much appreciated!!!