Autoflower Crossbred with Photo Period Seeds

Howdy there,
I harvested an outdoor grown Auto Flower Feminized cannabis plant and found that it had developed a dozen seeds. My best guess is that it was pollenated by a young male photo period cannabis plant that I had, prior to me getting ride of it.

I’m wondering if I grow some out, what the new plant most likely will be, an Auto Flower or photo period plant. Any have experience like this?

It will most likely be a photo. Multiple crosses are needed to bring out the auto traits. Go ahead an plant it – you may have accidentally created something pretty great! I have been playing around with 12/12 for photos to push harvest shorter – 3 months from sprout to harvest. Some varieties do better than others under 12/12.
(Haven’t been real happy with most of the auto harvests in the past – exception OG Kush Auto.)

Thanks for the input. I’ll give it a go and see what it grows into, an auto or photo. 3 months total for a photo, wow that is short.
good luck…

Plant one of the seeds and put it under 18/6 light. If it’s an auto it should start to flower in about 4-6 weeks. If you don’t see signs of flowering flip it to 12/12 and give it a couple weeks. You should have your answer.

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