Autoflower Beginner

I have a 1000 Wat LED grow light. When do I switch from the Veg, stage to the Bloom stage. When I first see the White Pistols?

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Are these Pheno or Auto? If auto - doesn’t matter. If pheno, when you got acceptable size and room for another minimum 12-24 inches of growth, and your training is done (topped, fimmed, LST, chriropracticed, (like the invention of that word?, etc), then you are GOOD TO GO.

Thanks Mr53004, I have 4 Autoflowering plants. When the seeds popped. I kept them under a 1000 Wat LED light in the Veg, stage. One plant is Tall, and the other 3 are half the size. The Tall one has got the White Pistils about half inch long. I had to do a low stress pull on it so it could fit under the light. And also 2 of my plants are showing the White Pistils, I have my light set on the Bloom. What I’m trying to do is bend the Tall one so I can get the others under the LED light set on Bloom. Am I doing the right thing? Thanks Pal

Keep your lights at 18 + hrs or better. Have bloom on.
Training - you can gently bend over the tall branches, little at at time. Careful not to break them. Ties them down but don’t use metal bag ties - too sharp. Pipe cleaners work well to shape the soft branches. Where you bend is where they will start to change the angle,
Different strains grow at different rates. If necessary, separate your plants under different lights. Keep the flowering plants / same size plants together. Try to create an even canopy where the light is dispersed over the plants. As you bend them, the canopy (or top) of the plants all start getting the same amount of light. Defoliate the bottoms. Google scrog and sog just for the images.
Genetics will play a major role here as each strain has different growth tendencies. As you learn your strains, you will learn to manage your grows. It can be hard having short and tall in the same tent unless you manage them aggressively.
So, what is your tent size? How high / low are your lights? I assume you feed all together and use same formula across the board?
Auto will mature within a specific time frame and there is not much (but some) you can do to change it so search the genetics of your seeds and their growth patterns. If you only get 10 weeks, you gotta make the most of it.
This is a good place to start. You will get plenty of help, guidance, insights from others in this forum…USE THEM

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Thanks Mr53004. My grow tent is 4x4 and probably 7 or 8 feet tall. I can stand up in it, and I’m 6’ tall. I have 4 Autoflowering plants. But I got them messed up from the name of each one. My mistake. One plant is a Diesel, one, Ak 47, one is Amnesia Haze, and one is the White Widow. The first set of leaves came up on September 30th. When do you think I should start to see the Colas to grow.

height is immaterial. My tent is 8x4 and about 7’. I can stand in mine…I like that, I am tooo old for the crawling.
White widow - read this and get a good indication of SIZE (at timestamps) and shape, along with some good tips.
AK47 - hybrid sativa close to 65% so look up sativa - shapes

these are ak-47
Diesel - Diesel grows tall (can be 70 sativa up to 90%), it is advised to perform LST
Amnesia -
she is a monster so watch her growth.
Colas - depending on lights strains, anywhere from 5-7 weeks
Maybe this will help you determine what plant is what

How far into veg can you FIM or top. LST I don’t know what else to open things up. Wondering if I could SCROG my GDP photo (9 wks)
after I harvest WW auto.


I would not fim, or lst… this looks beautiful, a nice canopy,very even. I would defoliate so the lower nodes can get more light and produce buds with the tops of the colas

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You can lift the pots that are low up to the level of the higher one to.
Also turn on both BLM and veg if you have that option some do some dont. And I like 20/4 for lights

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Please help my broken mind. Are these growing out of solo cups?

Yes, amazing what we can fit in those little buggers

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Thank goodness. I thought my sight was going next. Haha! Did you do a challenge?

Shoot bro…those girls are just beautiful