Auto trimming advice?

Hi everyone. I have a question about my first dwc grow. I just started my 7th week now. I am using a rdwc system and I’m also using an 11 part Flora series nutes at 60 percent the suggested chart value. Which that reminds me as a side question;
should I increase to 70 percent next water change??
Ok back to my original question. Early on I did some trimming up till two weeks ago. I also tied a few branches down. Since then just been feeding them. I change out water and clean all the buckets and everything else I can get to every week. I never expected to see these autos get this big. I’m very happy with the way they look and the way the roots look. My question is should I trim this up any now? I do think I’m fixing to start flowering which probably means don’t cut a thing but I wanted to ask other growers with more experience than myself what they thought. I’m doing a grow diary that I’ll post when the grow is complete. Untill then I’m including some pics with this post and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



You are still EARLY BLOOM so I would not change anything…If it ain’t broke, do not fix it. Instead of a chart ONLY, you have to read your plants too. THey do not always fit in to a neat set schedule

Trimming - There are 2 mindsets…do not touch auto, touch auto but never once in flower
I let my plants tell me. Some auto are extremely sensitive and by now, you should know your children. I would be careful as the result of stress could affect flowering but I also would have had the interior defoliated more. A good rule of thumb is never more that 30%…
The reason we defoliate is to get more nutes to the buds. With your Hydro system, looks like nutrition is not a factor at all. You will get some stretch as they move from early to mid flower, that will open up the canopies a little. It is obvious you have good lighting as the solar canopy looks fantastic.
I would leave this grow as is…you could take a few of the very low / interior fans…just a few at a time but I do not think it would accomplish anything for you. Measure the good vs the bad…


Those are some beautiful plants


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. This is my second grow and I really enjoy learning everything I can about it. I didn’t mention in my post this is og kush. I can’t wait to see what these girls will produce in the end. Again really appreciate you

Mike is right on the neat set schedule. I use the Biothrive product from the same company.
My Feed chart looks like this:

Some of my ‘weeks’ last 2 or 3!
Tomorrow I feed and I think I move to Mid Bloom, But I’m just guessing.
Each of these 3 could be in different stages but since the portions are the same in Biothrive through the 3 ‘weeks’ of Mid Bloom I got wiggle room:

Good Luck, Monk

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