Auto strange new growth

This lemon autoflower is 11 weeks old and the trichomes are all milky. I thought it was about ready when I noticed new green growth with a white pistols. What does that indicate? Any help would be appreciated!


She’s starting to foxtail on you. If the trichs are where you like them, chop chop! The foxtails won’t amount to much, and their trichs won’t ripen before the main buds’ are past prime.


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Thanks. I’ll chop her. Appreciate your knowledge!

Looks tasty Big Dawg ! Congrats

Hey guys!

I have often found Foxtailing to be a sign that your plant is undergoing an intense amount of stress. Although foxtailing will not cause any harm to your plant, in fact some gardeners favour genetics with this trait, they produce bushy fox tail like buds that lack the potency of fully formed flowers.

My main concerns would be light stress and heat stress this far into her cycle. Microbes and root health also have a big part to play in foxtailing but from the pictures and description I would say light stress/ heat.

Hopefully this helps with your next run!

Peace, love and pot!

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Agreed, stress definitely stress. Leaves are looking kind of crispy too…could be stress from nutrient deficiency/toxicity. If it is just the top buds likely it is light stress. All the buds, could be humidity, or both. Hard to tell without any grow info. Otherwise nice grow my friend!!!

It’s done time to chop chop