Auto plants when do they bud

My first time doing auto and they are 4 ft tall and five weeks old and haven’t budded yet but I think it’s on its way had plenty of hair from what auto I’ve seen seem to bud as soon as they start growing is there a good place to find info about auto I like to learn about what I’m growing

If you purchased your seeds through HGCC, there is a strain and seed description of every strain sold. What strain are you growing? Can you post pictures? Happy growing!

I did and it was white widow and the deelite

Deelite and white widow It won’t let me show a picture it always had before says file to big

Here is the link for WW auto White Widow Seeds Autoflower Online | Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Here is the link for Deelite auto. Buy Deelite Autoflower Marijuana Seeds | HMG Original
I just grew a Deelite auto, was a very stinky colorful girl. The flowering and seed to harvest times in the cultivars description is on the low side, IMO. For me, deelite was 8 weeks of flower and I harvested early. I would assume they are almost done growing upwards in another week or two. From experience, that is when to pack on the nutes for Deelite. Plenty of light also.

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Also, here is a link to a Q and A topic concerning white widow auto from here in the forum, hope it helps! How to grow White Widow Autoflower - Q&A

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Thanks for all your help and taking the time to put in links appreciate it very much :fist_right::fist_left: