Auto plant starting to bud

I just noticed last night that my 2 auto plants are starting to flower and I am wondering if there is any way to prolong this process to allow for more grow time. One plant is just over a foot tall and the other isn’t, they look healthy just wish they had gotten bigger. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is my first grow. The plants are just under 6 weeks now.

Autos at six weeks, starting to bud, are kinda like twelve year old kids. They’re not full grown, but they’re far enough along that you really can’t do too much to change the course.

Tell us about the strain, the soil, the lights, and so on. Then folks can offer adjustments you might make next time.

I’m just about six weeks into my second crop. My first crop was fairly small also. I made some adjustments, and the two plants are around 28 inches, with colas busting out like crazy. I changed the soil and the light distance and timing routine. Oodles of difference.

They are the deelite auto seeds, got them from HGC I am using a Vivisun 2000w light, although I was behind getting my tent set up so the plants were outside until about 3-4 days ago and are now getting the 18/6 light schedule where before it was not quite that long of light exposure. Soil is coco loco mix. I just put 2 more seeds to germinate today so I can hopefully get those 2 through before the end of the year. I have 2 photo plants also going at the same time as these autos.

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Lights is about 18” from the plants. My photo plants are a bit taller than these. I am using the nutes off the HGC website the non organic one. One thing I have noticed is that the plants are growing nice but I may be watering them to often. There seems to be a lot of run off and the pots are still rather heavy.

My guess is they would’ve benefitted from the light sooner.
I’m running a SF1000 dimmable over two plants, using the recommended dimming and distances, 18/6 from the start. I’m two days short of six weeks since sprouting, and they’re 28-29 inches tall, even after some lst to keep tops from blasting through the lights, sorta fanned them out to get light down to lower buds.
But as I
Mentioned, this is my second crop. The first was kinda wimpy. The biggest single difference is the first grow I used happy frog from start to finish, and may have overwatered.
Second crop I used a solo cup sized plug of happy frog to sprout, as they say it’s easier on seedlings, but immediately potted that plug in the middle of a bag sized pot of ocean forest. I also tried to go a bit easy on the water. When leaves curl down like a claw, sagging in the morning, I take that as a clue they’re dehydrated, and give them a drink. I water sparingly, make em work for it and build the root system that is the bank they build buds from. These are 28-29 inches. The plant on the left accidentally got topped when I tied it. It’s got four respectable colas. Mess with soil and light schedules? You’ll get there next time.



I’ve seen quite a few pics of those dee-lite on here and I don’t think I’ve seen one much bigger than that. If you’re looking for yield it’s probably not the best strain to run. I got some as freebies but I haven’t run them yet. I was thinking about trying it out just for fun maybe this winter to see if I could do any better.

Good news is, you’ll have a harvest that much faster. Sorta the idea with the autos. Lets you grow the photos out a little bigger maybe to make up for it.

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Yeah I got those as free seeds also, I think things will go much better with having the tent set up and being in a more controlled environment. There were multiple days of clouds and extended rain and I moved the plants under the carport and they didn’t get as much light during those times. I am hoping to have better luck with the photo plants, they are taking off and have a ton of new growth happening. I started all the seeds before I had the tent set up figuring I could get it set up fairly quick after the seedlings popped up but something else always came up.

auto flower sprout based on hormones, not light levels…anything over 5 hrs of light will kick off flowering according to the strain. TRANSPLANTING can SLOW IT DOWN but new container must have at least 2" more space all around than original. I transplant from 1 gal to 3 and 3 to 5 and extend my growth period an average of 4-6 weeks. NOTE…certain strains can stunt from the stress

I might give that a try, I do have some bigger pots I can use. Thanks for replying to the post.

Maybe it’s the Deee-Lite strain. I have two of the same started. One flowered at 10" and the other one at 8" tall. They looked great, just small, but very proportional.
On the other hand, I have a zkittelz that’s 40" with a massive cola, GG#4 that’s 42" and looks like a bush with dozens of colas, and a 63" tall Frankenstein. All are autos and actually my first-ish attempt at autos. The overall differences in how the strains grow is quite interesting, especially when comparing to photos.
Also, these are all being grown outdoors in pots.

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That’s awesome, I have a few photo plants growing also, all mine are indoors at the moment but I started them outside. Today I started to germinate a few more photo seeds. I think my current plants will be ready when the new ones are ready for the tent. Or at least that’s how I have it figured in my head.

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Actually I have a similar situation. 5 autos growing purely outdoors due. Also have a variety of photos at various stages that were all originally indoors, but I moved outside to take advantage of the sun and weather here. Currently I have 13 seedlings at 5 strains, 4 plants at 2 strains vegging and nearing 12/12 time change, 6 plants at 5 strains that will be ready end of September, and 5 plants at 2 more strains due in 2-3 weeks. I keep a “perpetual grow” that gives me a new harvest approximately each month, with replacements ready to take their place. Works well if you have the room and equipment.


Great looking. Do u know can u put a plant outside rt now budding and on it 7th week

Hello please I m wondering if one has a plant that is at 7th week is it ok to put outside the rest of the way or no? Thank you

yes you can but it must be tempered to the outdoor environment, can’t just stick it out there…little at a atime, start at night.

Thank you very much that is what I was thinking but wanted to make sure thanks alot

I have a similar problem as the OP but totally different grow… I better start a new post