Auto help and tips

Cany anyone give any info on autos. I’ve done a bunch of photos but would like to try my hand at autos. Would love if @Kronic would give some tips. Also just did a blue dream harvest. Bud turned out ok. But what would cause buds to be some what soft ? Some where hard and some soft. I’m growing in a 4x6x8 tent with 2 spider farmer 1000 and 2 Mars ts 600. I know they are not the best but I have some pretty good harvest considering I’m a newbie. I switched over to r.o water which is helping massively.

I’m not kronic so I guess I will wait and see. Happy growing

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@Rusty if you have any tips they would be greatly appreciated. I just listen to him on a podcast and wanted his input as well.

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If you used 300 true watts u would have big dense bud,Bud,!!!

Check your true wattage you probably have 150 true watts. How many plants

Are you growing in dirt or water. I’ve had a good grow with a 600 mars before. First thing about autos is they get pissed off easily. Don’t trim too much at a time. I personally kindla made up a recipe for them. 5 weeks on a photo recipe and 5 weeks on an auto recipe are different. The auto is pralee in flower and the photo is juss growing good. Make sence?

There are many little things to know, some you will just have to ask. Don’t forget you can ask your phone any question. I use mine alot when I need to know something but hate to ask the forums. LOL

An old retired man Told me one time Don’t worry about the Firm Bud they will come Just keep doing what you’re doing. And they did. You will learn much but by just reading in here

You are correct 150 .

Yes it does. I’ve learned alot each grow . Each time it gets better. This go round i did too many plants while my tent was in flower. So they went through some pretty rough patches. Still they flowering so I hope to get a good return on them.

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Also growing in soil. I switched to Ocean forest by fox farm. I don’t like it at all. It dries out way to fast for me, and I’m finding actual rocks in the soil. That can’t be good.

Get some vermiculite it holds water in

Have u tried happy frog

I always get between 5 and 7 oz per plant, I fim them autos

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I haven’t tried happy frog yet, I will probably try FIM on autos. And yes I have vermiculite mix in the soil. With dolomite lime and perlite… I was fine while plants were veg. But not 4th week in flower it seems to harden and dry fast. My last gro I used some organic soil from lowes. With same mix I used for ocean forest soil it worked great. I ended up with two ounces per plant for my second grow. ( blue dream). I’m currently doing 4 more blue dreams and a purple gelato. Doing lemon drizzle autos next. My current grow are photos.

If you fim your autos u have to make sure their not going into flower. I usually do it once at end of second week. Then once more at end of third week then usually by 4th week the plant is healed and goes into flower no problem. You have to watch them though I have one that went into flower after the 3rd week. It’s a northern light auto. Last northern light I grew I got 6 and 1/2 oz.

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Dam 6.5 ozs, what light are you using?

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I use 8 G E grow bulbs they work awesomely

In a 2x2 tent growing