AUTO grower advice on adding cal-mag w/ iron

I have girl’s that are mag.deficient

I ordered cal-mag from CANNA along w/ 4-4-4- & 2-8-4 from Gaia (advice from a fellow grower) but won’t get here for a few weeks but I need to do something now I can’t wait so, 1st of all can I use cal-mag "w/ iron " I have some of that already & how do I use it ,how much ,I’ll be making a tea w/ worm casting’s & molasses & kelp (aerated) overnight .but I need to address their mag.deficiency now.

I use Epsom salt on them and they come rite back after 6 days…

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hi ,as I said in my post i have to wait UGH ! for the 4-4-4- & 2-8-4- from Gaia ,I don’t know if your familier w/ that brand it’s advice from a fellow grower on my issue’s w/ my girls.But I couldn’t get them shipped any sooner than ( july 8th - 15th ) which is still a bit away’s so in the meantime as far as the mag deficiency is epsom salts o.k. for auto’s? i don’t need to buffer it or mix it down or anything? do i just scratch it into the top 2 inches of the top of the soil? as you can see I’m a 1st time auto grower & a very nervous one .thnx

First thing first be calm… I have mine in 3 gallon pots and water with a litre bottle. I put 2 tablespoons in the water .it will dissolve in the water . Then water your plant with it.but remember if you just watered give it some time so you don’t over water . If this was caused by ferts you may want to flush the plant also. Mine was a bruce banner and the lime green started on a few leaves till it hit the whole plant . I did what I just described and it turned normal green in a few days… matter afact its hanging as we speak (write). Stay calm thou. Im more of a natural person so I dont like using all of these SNAKE OILS that are on the market. Its a lot of fun growing weeds we all make mistakes and learn from them . Keep a journal on your phone calendar of things you do and ferts you use and 2 years from now you can read this and smile…

yup I’m a tryin to be less neurotic w/ my girls I have a few grows under my belt but not auto’s.I already killed 12 seeds / seedling’s due to lack of knowledge,this is my first auto grow that’s (so far successful) & I’m w/ you as far as the commercial nutes are concerned I’m using a “super soil” from COM coast of maine & have 4-4-4- & 2-8-4 from Gaia coming hopefully in 10 day’s or so a fellow grower recommended it , cause I have to supplement my soil (which I didn’t know )when they went into flower. hopefully, they can hang on till then, I’ve got the mag. deficiency under control I’ve been using ,in addition to my worm casting’s that I put into the soil about a couple of inches in. A molasses & kelp tea w/ a bit of cal-mag w/ "iron " I’m hoping that’ll be good till my other fert’s from Gaia get here.