Auto Grow Chart - All Stages - Good or Bad?

I came up with this autoflower grow chart, as I wanted an easy-to-read, all-over summary of an auto grow. No, nothing is set in stone, but I needed a good reference on stages, weeks, nutes, pH, RH, foliage, sexing, etc. What do you think? What needs added or changed? Once finished, maybe this can help others.

As always – thank you all.


Doesn’t look too bad. Harvest times may surprise you. I have had them to harvest in 8 weeks. And I have harvested at 14-15 weeks. Regardless I would like to have that chart.


It looks like a pretty comprehensive chart.
You need a space on your chart for trichome development


@GrnyGrows that’s a pretty busy chart but if it works for you then go for it…I don’t see a place for notes.

I use a growth spreadsheet for each plant with columns for PH, PPM and notes to what I saw or did that day.
I keep these and reference them when needed for information relevant to current grow.
I have changed some of my thoughts on what makes a difference by looking back at my notes.
I also have my master nutrient spreadsheet to show my nutrient mix for different stages and weeks. I also keep old versions…I look back to compare to the growth sheet to see if I need to adjust nutrients for any reason,
It is fun to look back and see old notes and what I did and what I thought was correct that turned out to be not correct.


Agreed on keeping the notes/spreadsheet as it relates to growth. I have a log set up to use daily.


Cool – I’ll put this graphic on it.


I know it’s going to be different all the time. But this acts sort of as my guideline of what needs checked and what to expect. I think flowering will start sooner than I have it listed. This is a grouping of the zillions of things I’ve read and watched.


@GrnyGrows looks like a decent start. Don’t forget to adjust it as needed for growth and substrate.