Auto flowering nutes

What type of products are you guys using for your auto’s to get better buds?

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With autos I use straight up organic soil with nutrients. Fox Farm Ocean, Great Lakes or Roots.And I SCROG them as they get larger to increase yield :blush:

@Mark0816 I personally use a blended soil with 40-50% aeration for autos. They like a really light airy mix with lots of oxygen so they don’t damp off or drown.

I personally blend my soil using roughly 70% recycled soil from my grows that consists of 40% coco perlite and pumice and 30% carbon/mulch, and 30% amended organic compost that’s blended veggie and mushroom compost.

This last grow I averaged 3 ounces per auto in 1 gallon pots. Pretty sure I could gave grown them to their maximum potential in 3 to 5 gallon pots but I think that was pretty good for a 1 gallon pot grow.

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