Auto flower question

This is my first auto flower grow and my 3rd grow all in all so anyhow I’m trying to sprout some more photos and my nursery tent is getting kinda full now , I’m wondering if it would be ok to add these auto flower plants into the grow room there some girls in there in 12/12 right now and i know that light schedule isn’t supposed to make them bloom but is there any other reasons why I shouldn’t put them in with that schedule also the girls in the grow room are almost finished they should be done flushing Sunday-ish the plant that’s marked is not auto but it’s not going in the grow room until I change the light schedule back to veg hours
Thanks in advance

A couple days of short light isn’t gonna hurt your autos overall. It deprives them of those hours of making the good stuff that eventually ends up in a bag, so it might hurt the yield a little, but a couple days isn’t the end of the world.

The thing about autos is, unlike photos, they CAN use the extra hours beyond 12. It’s like night shift at a factory making even more widgets.

Thank you for the info I have them on a 20/4 light schedule right now , I was thinking about just using that schedule or do you know a better schedule for auto like I said I’ve not grown auto before it’s my 1st time using autos

18/6 seems most popular for autos.

Other than a little bud versus massive bud at 20 4 nothing will hurt them except 12 12 not enough light for a great grow


I want massive buds so I made the switch after Northcountry said 18/6 was the way to go I want great yields but most important to me is quality I want to grow better weed then I can buy at the overpriced dispo