Auto diesel looking good. Hello Christmas

Hello all just a report from Central Indiana…Disel autoflower looking great. They said easy for any beginner but they were a little finicky. But I’m gonna finish up with 45 auto spit up between 20bags and webare looking Gooood


Diesel Autoflower looking Gooood

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@jeremykeel1 you can post a pic, when you open the reply window there is a small up arrow in the bottom right corner, opposite of the reply button. It allows you to pick the photo you want to up load. You will gain more abilities (post more pics and like more comments, photos) as you read, comment, like, link, and post more. Welcome to the forum.


Thank you. I’m not real tech savvy and this platform is pretty busy with buttons and this and that.
Loving it so far though


I would love to see your Diesel. A diesel is the first cannabis plant I ever grew, so I have a soft spot.