Auto are getting tall 52 inches so far

my auto are getting tall and finally went into budding but I’ve never seen auto get this big these are white widow and deelite do you think they gave me wrong seeds ? It’s like 52 inches tall is it like 8-9 weeks from start to finish or is it different for each grow ? Thanks friends in advance for your help

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Usually start budding 4/5 weeks but hey…genetics! :man_shrugging:, lol. They are beasts, my friend! Hope you get some great quantity out of them.

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My Frankenstein autos have hit 5 feet and a little…It is all about the strain / genetics. MORE FOR YOU!

i have 2 like that right now

What strain are they?

I’ve done two rounds of White Widow autos and none of the 8 plants got past 28 inches. Granted, most were subject to LST, but even the two I allowed to go natural stayed under 30”.