At what point do you want to start fertilizing your indoor plants?

I’m just getting in the process of germination and was wonder at what week is the normal time to add the nutrients? I truly appreciate any help.

im no expert but it depends on the soil. i was using miracle gro potting soil and feeding in the first month kept giving me chemical burn. :roll_eyes::unamused:

Thank you @Empress, I will make sure I don’t use that. Sorry for your results. :cry:

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Actually I’m going to use Frog soil with the same recommend nutrients. I had originally bought coco soil with the nutrients to go with. I think I better off to go with the the Frog since it’s my first time inside, I hope. :crossed_fingers:

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im still learning myself. for a weed, marijuana is a fussy something.

I’m just not use to inside and the new technology throws me too, :joy:. In addition, it’s been a few years and sooo much has changed from my old school days. Now you need tents, fans, ventilation systems and not to mention new lights, it’s crazy.

Welcome to the site. You both need to search over the site and see all the insights, tips, tricks and methods prescribed by many of the members. Plenty of discussions covering these exact questions. Check the HOME page and look at “Beginners”, Indoor, Exc.

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So generally speaking, if you used store bought soil, probably a month. But it entirely depends on the soil. Theres several threads and discussions on soil and feeding. And it’s up to each grower for what’s right for them and what they want out of their plants.

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I would also cut that soil with some perlite or some pro-mix lighten it up, first run myself with ocean floor. Plenty of nutes for first month but pain dialing in the water schedule due to soil heaviness, I did use some mix just not enough, If done again will be closer to 50/50. Know your water as well ph very important but what else is in it? I have a pre filter from Boogie Brew large 1, used all summer fed outdoor plants and veggies all Dry summer long still going strong worth the money for me my water is decent but chlorine and bromine levels high could smell in bucket as filling Night and Day difference with filter no odor and I actually will drink it.
Be careful with adding nutes to fresh soils a lot of these newer are pre charged for at least 2-3wks.

Less Is More.

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Happy frog is considered a light soil so you will want to start feeding relatively soon.
Ocean forest will give you a few months but the happy frog will only give you a few weeks before you need to feed.
If the cotyledons start to yellow you’ll know she’s hungry.


If your putting your seeding in a good soil (which i heard frog was) then no need to fertilize till 4 or 5 node . I always bump mine with a little kelp tea when I first leaves come out fully.
Don’t necessarily have to buy all the toys but does make things smoother in long haul.

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You planting Auto flower

No I’m using Regular and Feminized

Oh I thought you were going easiest.
They are a interesting plant if you never grow one.
Not something I was ready for when I planted mine. Dont like stress very well and go to flower quick .