At last... Flower time for the photos

Well…I guess its time. All the other trees are harvested except for the cream auto. Week 1 of flower starts this week… Everyone has their favorite part of the grow cycle but this is always the most exciting for me… When most of the work is done and you can relax and enjoy the show a little.

I pruned and did a light defoliation about 10 days ago and just been plucking any new growth I don’t want. I can tell already they’re gonna need some major clean up after stretch. I went pretty heavy on the nutes at transplant so gonna wait till middle of week 3 to top dress to push them through stacking and that will probably be the last major feeding.

I will be growing the photos in an AC Infinity 4x8. Inside Spider Farmer SE 5000 and SE 3000 (being changed out for se5000), 6in AC Infinity exhuasting with carbon filter, 4in Ac infinity intaking with carbon filter., Two Ac Infinity 6in oscillating clip on fans, three ac infinity 6 in clip on fan fans. One oscillating fan on the floor level that will be utilized later.

Light cycle will be 12/12 (6am-6pm). Through stretch I will run about 700ppfd in center top canopy and go to about 1000 in week 4. with lights maintaining minimum 18 inches with 24 inches preferable.

Residing in the tent will be… GSC, Steves Dream Queen, Grape Ape, Pineapple Express, Sour Ape, Shiskaberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze, and Blueberry Cheesecake. I culled two I didn’t like (grape skunk and blueberry diesel)… Not sure what happened (I think a little carelessness in some soil building) but I don’t have time to deal with them.

Aiming for a late October harvest.

I don’t know… they look pretty ready for flower to me.

I have only used HST to this point… Other than massaging stems into the direction I want them to go.

As you can see… LST is not needed to create a nice even canopy nor is trellising nessesary if you built the knuckles up and strengthened the stems.

Just a little gentle massaging every few days goes a long ways.

As you can see, all the girls had all their stems topped. Everything other than fan leaves have been plucked under the tops and the tops were cleaned except for a node or two. It is beneficial to wait as long as possible to top other than the main stem so you can have as even a canopy as possible going to flower.


About 10 days into the flip… Plants are hitting their stride and starting to uptake the massive bank of food they have available in their 7 gallon fabric pots. A couple had some tip burn but moved right on past it and they are drinking tons of water.

The canopy is maintaining fairly level with a couple branches starting to pop up on the ends… Just keep rotating a 1/4 turn a day.

I did give the a very small amendment at the end of week 1 as they have grown so vigorously I want to make sure the food stays stored and available as they head to stacking in a couple weeks.

Unfortunately I could not wait till end of stretch to do defoliation and plucked a mere handful of 7-10 leaves to open up the inner tops a bit.

Day 10 flower - If I can maintain this canopy I will be very happy as the lights are already pretty high.

Top view - Grape Ape (top left), Steves Dream Queen (bottom left), GSC (top right), Pineapple Express (bottom right)… Some beautiful flower spots starting to pop their pistils. Hard to do it justice with the picture but the GSC is just a stunning plant which is why I guess we like to grow it.

And finally, I got my 2x4 dry tent set up :). My old Auto tent that I just replace. (New Auto tent is 5x3 with two se-3000 lights)

Ammendments added since birth… Gaia 4-4-4/2-8-4, worm castings, kelp meal, fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, kashi.

I use 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of recharge every other water.

Probably one more adjusted ingredient top dress that I am still calculating :slight_smile: right before stacking and that should take them to the finish line. Keep the environment dialed and its looking like another good run.

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Day 21 is here and seems like I just flipped to 12/12 yesterday. Unfortunately, the Shiskaberry had a ball sac (just one) and the Grape ape also had a pollen sac on one stem. I am isolating them for now but if anymore grow I will be tossing them over the deck (once my back feels better).

The good news is after a thorough week three inspection, the rest of the girls look fantastic with only lady parts.

In reality, I flipped three plants too early. I was hoping for a nice transition but 2/3 of the early flips were able to figure out their sex. As for the grape ape… The pollen sac was on a stem that I broke in stretch so that could be the problem there.

The 3 on the right half - (GSC, Pineapple Express, Steves DQ). Not much to say… Coming along pretty much as expected. They are lush and healthy… This picture is about 30minutes after watering.

The Pineapple Express is outpacing them all at this point… Already stacking resin and smelling like a sweet dream.

The other half the tent are a week behind the right half but look super healthy as well.

After this run I will be actually be running more autos in the 4x8… I have been convinced by a friend plus he gave me about 100 awesome seeds from the genetics that he’s been running. So pretty excited about the fall auto run and a something to cheer me up after finding the pollen sacs on two plants I was really looking forward to.

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Day 35 of flower…

The tent is filling out nicely (especially the right half… the left side is about a week behind, were faster flips, and are in 5 gal pots instead of 7s). My house just stinks right now even with multiple carbon filters plus I am having to open the tent doors for some hot periods during the day. Im currently running lights 75 to 95% throughout the day pushing the centers around 1100 ppfd and about 6-800 around the edges. The problem is its getting so hot I need to come in and cool them down and I have to open doors just to keep it in the 80s. The good news is none of the plants appear heat or light stressed an they are taking water every two days still… I amended middle of week 5 with some 2-10-5, worm castings, and some craft blend assortments. They are going water only with some microbial support the rest of the way.

Steves Dream Queen (green crack) day 35

GSC Day 35

Pineapple Express day 35

Sour Ape day 35 - so much grapes and gas already I can’t wait to smoke her.

SLH day 35

Blueberry Cheesecake day 35


And just like that it’s a wrap on week 7 flower… Time flies when you having fun.

Still some stacking going on but 3 of the plants are starting to fade out with plenty of nutes in the bank… The great thing about healthy organics is the plant will stop uptaking nutrients when shes ready to finish and there is really no reason to flush.

Few sights from week 7… wish I could give you some smells too.

Blueberry Cheesecake photo day 49

Super Lemon Haze nugs day 49

Blueberry Cheesecake nugs day 49

Sour Ape nugs day 49

Girl Scout Cookies nugs day 49

Steves Dream Queen (green Crack) day 49

I don’t know… Probably another 14-18days will put me in the sweet spot right around 65 days for most these strains. Dream queen will probably chop around 56-60 as she’s a pretty fast finisher.

Totally stoked for this harvest… Grapes and Gas, Sweet lemons, some really interesting blueberry with the big buddha cheese coming through, and the chocolatey richness of the GSC coming through… My house smells like a dream right now. Can’t wait to harvest and move the autos in which are looking absolutely amazing. I will post on them eventually but I am super excited about the auto run.


Man looks awesome love your set up.

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Thanks… it’s been a work in progress getting the tents placed where I can maintain (for the most part) some consistent environments. The tents are really the easy thing to dial…. Experimenting with the soil building and top dresses is keeping it interesting and seems to be the next challenge in my labor of love.

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Congrats on a very successful grow.

I can smell ‘em from here!

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Wow those are awesome looking