Are they ready?

Okay guys these are my first 2 plants! 2 out of 4 survived lol I feel like it’s time to harvest them but do they look ready to y’all?

I see some foxtailing but the majority of the buds look ready. If you wait on the new growth or much longer, you will sacrifice much quality / strength


@Barron nice looking buds! If you don’t have a microscope you should get one. Amazon sells them for about $20 or get yourself a real good magnifying glass​:grin: when the trichomes/globe stick (lol) turn milky white they are ready to harvest. Enjoy & let us know how it turned out for you :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


Let the trichomes tell the tale

Looking good @Barron ! :+1:


They look good to me

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