Are these ready to harvest

I have just entered week 22 on these. They are sour diesel autos. I germinated them April 12. I keep checking the trichomes and a lot seem to be cloudy but still some clear. I haven’t seen an amber one yet. It concerns me because they are going so long. I have been having issues with humidity for a bit. I’m ready for fall weather and lower humidity but I can’t control that. I grow them in an 8x4 tent in my pole barn. I am using (3) 600 watt lights on full spectrum. They haven’t had any nutes in about a month because I assumed I would have harvested by now. It almost looks like the trichomes have just stopped in place. I know the pics aren’t great but it’s best I could do with my phone. Thanks for any suggestion.


CANNOT TELL UNDER THE BURPLE LIGHTS, re post under normal light of flash

I think I see some amber in the last pic… ? Lots of milky. Stigma hairs seems to have all gone orange.

I vote chop. Give em their last watering with some ice, when the pot dries lights out for 2 days, then snip snip.

Congrats! You got a dry room set up?

Yes, in my basement. I have humidity at 55% and temp of 71degrees. Curtain on the window. Should work I think.

Yeah I knew as soon as I posted it. The pics on phone didn’t look as bad as they do posted. I’ll get some more and post them.

Better pic under normal or day light. It’s a sativa so, if you have milky mostly with 5% amber I would go two day dark. I judge 5% by seeing any darkening of triches on upper cola buds. Remember that the triches continue to “age” even in harvest and cure.

Just posted proper pics.

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Nothing like Christmas in September! Nice buds… I wouldn’t let her sit under anymore light in a couple days at the most. Mostly milky and it seems some starting to darken. They look like some very tasty morsels. :snowman: :snowman:
Just my opinion, of course. As always the choice of when and how is up to you my friend, happy growing!

Lol. Thanks. I was just sweating it being my first bigger grow. I didn’t want to pull the trigger too quickly and have low thc buds.

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I see a lot of milky trikes and brows pistils…thc is high now and SourD is a sativa so it is a good time to harvest. I would go dark for 3 days for the thc to build up, ice water feeding to help…and chop

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This was my first year growing Auto’s and we grew 11 plants and 9 different varieties and we are very happy with our results for a first time… We never saw an Auto get amber trichomes and only a couple got to a true milky stage. And I use a pretty good telescope… cheap but works great… I do grow outside so maybe there are differences. We went by looks and time to guess when to pick and it worked great…

I would harvest any that have amber color starting. And also if mostly all milky white should be ready. I cut off a leaf piece to view trichrome on the table for better viewing.