Are these ready to harvest I wanted to 48 hours of darkness before hand


looks like there still some white pistils, but you really need to look at the trichomes with a good jewelers loupe or some kind of magnefier … i personally like the triches to be cloudy, but some like them amber for more of a ‘‘couch lock high’’. but as long as you still have some white pistils, your buds are still growing.

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Nice buds man! :+1: It’s real close. Like @mikes said, check the trichomes.

What cultivar/s are they? That last pic looks like some serious frost. Well done.

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i cant tell how big they are, but they are looking very good!

Strain is important as Indica is a generally more relaxed / sleepy head than sativa so harvesting early will just help lower the COUCH LOCK effect
Remember, they continue to turn even after harvesting///Looking as the ratio of orange/brown pistils and nutrient loss of the fan leaves, I would say YES…
If you have a jewelers loupe, just make sure the MAJORITY of trikes are not CLEAR…

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