Are these looking like they are supposed to?

Hello, A total beginner here, I have two plants that came from a cutting. They are kept outside and really it was just a bit of fun and an experiment but they seem to be growing ok? They are 12 weeks, is there anything I should be doing now if they are coming into the final stages? I read that you cut them when the pistils start to turn brown? Someone suggested I put them somewhere darker at night for longer to speed this up? Might be a hassle moving them, can you cover them?
I am reading up on it but with no concept of the terminology its quite confusing so thought this community might be a good place for tips as I haven’t even managed to keep a fern alive before !!!
Thank you

She looks like she is starting to fade a little but still has some weeks to go. The pistils still look white. Have you tried checking the trichomes? If not you should invest in a jewler’s loop or if you have a bit more get a wifi microscope. If your phone is a new one you could possibly use it to check them. The pistils will change color and should pull in tight to the buds when the plant is ready (at least in my experience). By the looks of them if they are 12 weeks then they probably have about 4 or 5 weeks to go assuming a 2 month veg and a 9 week finish. Don’t cover them and don’t move them. They should be fine right where they are and probably ready to harvest some time in october. It is really hard to say with the information and picture given, but this is my best guess as to what is going on. I would continue to feed it and continue to do more research online if this is something you want to continue to pursue. Good luck and Happy Growing!!

The outside right now best thing to do is just keep doing what you’re doing yes if you get like Panda plastic or get like a tarp or something yeah you could cover it but you don’t want to smother it so you need to like make a makeshift shelter for it if that makes any sense

And I also would like to add if you add a PK booster phosphorus potassium phosphorus and your potassium your main concerns right now little bit of nitrogen but more PK to increase the buds get them real fat

But as too how long well to say 65 days is not correct they don’t add everything that’s 65 days flower no pre no flush nothing but 12/12 so watch the tricombs u can do it like the pistals method but u will have very couch lock effect cause if u wait that long ya THC will b degrading to CBD or g why most growers say Waite 10 20% amber tricombs not the hairs thats how it was dunn in the 50 60 etc

Looks like you are in about week 4-5 of flower… Id say she is definitely showing signs she needs food. add some bloom ratio to your waterings and I would defoliate the fan leaves working from Botton and inside the plant and open her up making sure all the flowers are getting good lighting. I would just leave her where she’s at and not change the environment… just make sure all the out door lights stay off around her. Im guessing you have about 4 weeks left before the flowers are worth harvesting.

When the pistils (white hairs) start turning red/brown and receding and laying down on the calyx’s you’ll be close. The resin on the fan leaves and flowers will go from looking like snowy white to cloudy with a tint on them. That’s about time to harvest.

Trichomes still too white

Getting closer

At this point completely cloudy with a little amber. let her dry a couple days and chop her.