Are these hermies?

I’m really hoping these aren’t hermies but I’m pretty sure they are.
I’ve heard cutting off the male parts wouldn’t be successful. Should I just get rid of them?
The unfortunate thing is that I believe there are more hermies than females. I planted 4 from a sack containing seeds in the herb. I believe 4 are hermies out of a total of 7.

Please see the pictures to help me determine gender and what to do.

Should I try cutting balls off? Are they balls or pistil buds? Should I uproot hermies and throw away?

Thank you kindly in advance! !



Please take pic without the Burple, makes it very hard to see
Get pic close to the node under the leaves
It really looks like female pistils


I agree with @Mrb53004 I think those are just female buds I don’t see any sign of hermies there, Keep it growing!


@KriZm yeah those went hermie. I see some pollen sacs and nanners. You can pull the sacs and nanners off before they pollinate but it’s safer if you quarantine the hermies just in case so they don’t pollinate the entire crop. If you don’t have a spare tent and light or another grow space to quarantine it it’s best to chop it and save the rest of the crop because even if you pull the sacs and nanners you might miss one hidden in the buds. Happy growing. :v::metal::call_me_hand:


I don’t have another space unfortunately. Should I chop if 4 out of 7 are hermie? I can attempt to prune them off, I believe it may still be early enough to dig through the buds.

Definitely will take your advice either way. Can you explain chopping?

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.


@KriZm chopping them is just another term for cutting them down.

4 of 7 is a lot though and if it were me I’d try to save it. Even if you miss a sac seedy bud is better than no bud just in case the others don’t make it or yield much.

If they’re high yielders though like a Moby Dick 3 would give you well over a lb indoors and losing 4 plants isn’t a big deal.


MDBuds - you got eyes like a HAWK dude!


So would I chop them and take the roots out, save the soil for my next project? Is their a link you like to use to show people how to do that?

I’m not sure what their yields will be as I didnt purchase the seeds. The 3 that didn’t grow balls lol, are Gelato strain I belive. The ones that did are girl scout cookies I believe. I wonder if they went hermie because I got the girl scout cookies in a sac or they turned because of stress. I did prune and my heater overheated twice within the cycle, about 100 degrees. Also could have over watered, and used some good and some not the best soils.

Im pretty good with attention to detail and you’re suggesting I go in there and snip the balls, correct?

If so, I’ll get it done today. Also should I keep looking for more male growth after cutting?

Thank you again!

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@KriZm cut them down or pull them and save the soil. Whatever works.

Gelato has a decent yield and 3 plants indoor should give you enough to last a while.

I’m telling you to do what feels right for you. If you’re comfortable saving the plants and snipping the sacs and nanners go for it.

Yes you should continue looking for sacs and nanners every day until harvest.

Happy growing man. You’re welcome. :v::metal::call_me_hand:

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It’s so crazy! I went through all 7 today and each of them had some sort of male part. So, all hermies I guess!
I wonder what happened to make them do that. I went through them all and took all of the seeds and nanners I could find. Took me about 3 hours with my headlamp hah. Put them all in a sealed bag and thew away. Unfortunately some of the seeds fell to the soil but I got what I could find sifting through it. If they’re off the plant would they still pollinate?

Every day searching seems insane haha, I don’t know about putting in 3 hours each day for that. What about weekly? Will it even be worth it since they’re all hermies?

Besides them having male parts, the buds are looking great. I took some more pictures if you want to use them to show what hermies are. I’ll attach a few.

I’m kind of glad I had this on my first project to hopefully get it out of the way and know exactly what to look for.

I really appreciate the help and thank you again!

The last Pic circular leaf, thought that was pretty cool


@KriZm you’re welcome man. I meant check them daily and pluck them as you see them. They’ll stop growing eventually as environment and other factors level out.

Any kind of stress can cause hermies especially in strains prone to it. Gelato and GSC are two strains that herm fairly easy compared to others. Light leaks, high temps, low temps, over watering, under watering, over pruning, even topping and fiming can do it sometimes.

I love it when you get new growth in and it curls like that. My favorite ones are the “spirals” where the new leaf looks like some spiral pasta until it grows out and flattens.

Anyway, happy growing man. :v::call_me_hand::metal:

@KriZm also, the extra effort is worth it for the sensimilla. I wouldn’t do weekly but every other day should work instead of daily. You just want to catch the sacs before they open and spread pollen. They’ll stop developing sacs further into flower once all of the nutrients and energy are going to buds but you might still get a nanner here and there but good thing about nanners late in flower is that they usually only seed the bud they’re hiding in so everything else stays sensimilla.

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