Are the seeds from here f1 s1 or f2?

I just want to know about the seeds. Lol


There great I’ve not had a problem

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Hey @Jimboboldboy!

Welcome to Homegrown! The seeds I’ve been receiving are F2. Haven’t had any problems.

Happy Growing to you!

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100% - I am at this 50+ years and even when I produced my own seeds, down to f5/6, I still never hit 100% germination. Basically, the seeds are quality but no one can guarantee that every seed is good. Nature, biology, microbiology, life, all get in the way. Perfection only lives in our brains as a thought. This is why there is the GUARANTEE, it covers germination as long as it is followed and documented.


I’ve had good luck with the seeds and ordered more some of the best on market that ive delt with

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Thank you everyone for the info.

@Jimboboldboy hopefully alot of these are “P” seeds right? But most keep those and give F3’s bx with F2 mothers…

Someone needs to dust in here. Old threads and all. Though, sometimes I enjoy time travel. :rofl::v:

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