Are my plants dying from overwater slowly?

Hey there,
Things have been pretty damn good till this point.
My close friend whom I have some genetics from in garden told me second week of flower to realllly let the soil dry. So I waited an extra two days making a full week before I watered again.

I ended up giving my plants more water than usual in return when I did water them

(And I’m sure that’s what’s coming to bite me)

So two of them have some downward curl taco leafs …

Now before we jump to conclusions I must add that:

This morning I realized my AC rig was detached and no air was going into my growtent for 3 1/2 hours (or more if it was yesterday off too)

Also I started adding molasses every feeding and do 15 teaspoons for 5 gal of water bucket.

I have not been using fresh water since flower but using the molasses every time. I also used mag/cal once with the molasses (not realizing they didn’t really need it in there) and that was the last feeding.

I’m also using recharge and mykos


I am concerned that the molasses will create blockage or something, the soil seems harder than it was before since using it I assume from the sugars.

Let me know what you think. Today marks 6 days since watering. I stick my fingers into the soil and it isn’t dry to the bone but just after damp I would say.

I added a half a bucket more to the plants as a whole what’re I usually do 1 and 1/2 bucket 🪣 5gal for all 8 this time I used both for all 8.

(I think I may just wait an extra day - possibly 3 or 4 longer till I water again?)

What are your thoughts!!

image image image image image image !
^really concerned about the discoloration on these leaves! Just noticed today!
^looks healthy as can be but a little on the bright green side maybe too much water

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I have never used molasses and I know that feeds the microbes in the soil. 6 days does seem like a long time between waterings. When my plants were in flower the most I watered each one was a half gallon at a time until some run off. Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in to help you out. Overall they are looking ok. If you are overwatering you could be flushing the nutes out?

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@Sk8nGrow you are under watering. Soil dryness two inches down should feel like a wrung out sponge just barely damp not bone dry. Letting your soil dry too much between waterings can cause salt build up and nutrient deficiencies. In organic soils this also starts to kill soil microbes. This stage in flower you should already be watering every 3 days at least and mid to late flower almost once a day because they use a lot of water in flower.

Yeah it’s not bone dry but sponge like as said. Once I got away and vented to a homie and came back giving positive energy knowing they aren’t dead they were happy.

I water till I get run off then stop. This time I did two run off at one watering became I was convinced that one plant didn’t really absorb much of the water. This is the one that I was most concerned about. Things do seem good, I got a little over worried. Lol

I hear you on watering more but I like to let my medium dry thoroughly and didn’t add as much perlite as I would like. That combined with cooler days and more water than usual last feed made me wait longer.

I usually water every 4th day and they’re in 7gal. I guess these last two waterings were 7 days apart and after I water again tomorrow or next day if doesn’t seem right tomorrow I’ll do a little less water than last time and stick to about a little more than half a gallon each. Gonna go full h20 to wash out that sticky feel in the soil from molasses. Help absorb what’s in there.

Thanks idk this place is always my panic button hahaha a good ol skate n chat definitely helped, the mushrooms I had in my morning omelet definitely added emotion haha :joy:

@Sk8nGrow how much molasses did you feed? Did you mix with water first and aerate?

Little update for anyone caring to wonder. The plants are good. Got the temps down today. Found a blinking blue light for a couple days it went off at night from my security camera. I’m not worried I believe my babies genetics are strong and two nights won’t do them in. Damn thing disconnected. They were hot for a while then that. This photo was taken after. Tomorrow morning they’ll look even better!