Are my girls ready to flush

Should I start flashing? The girls are almost 60 days old. I can’t get a good shot of how milky white they are because I don’t know how to take a picture using a jewelry loops version, so these are the best I can get. All of the buds are milky. And what is the best way to flush them. If I’m jumping to early it’s because The buds are top heavy and tied to anywhere in the tent to keep them from falling.image image image image image


I would flush. Use the water you have been using no nutes or amendments. I use the same amount of water I water with. Flush, wait until they start drooping flush again. That should do it.


She’s ready to flush, it looks great by the way good job…


Beautiful buds! I would since I’ve read what Mike says about 10-14 days before harvest day.

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Wow, nice and ready, what size pots do you have them in?

I.would definitely stop.feeding her nutes.start gibeing her.pH water for.2,.weeks.she.should be