Are my girls in the flower stage

My autos are 5 weeks old today. I’ve been feeding them Fox Farm nutrients, but haven’t used any Tiger Bloom yet. Should I start or will using Tiger Bloom burn my girls? I ordered a taller tent yesterday and should arrive next week because my girls are getting to tall for the tent. I’m afraid to tie them down now. I will do more early training on my second grow. Anyway, should I use the Tiger Bloom or wait another week? image image image


Looks like they are growing fast, I assume your in aquaponics so, not sure on what strain and its timeframe for harvest. I would probably be full feeding bloom nutes since autos grow so quick., one suggestion is to get rid of the “snake oil” - Superthrive., Suggest a Mykos “WP”…, with some Fox Farms Cha-Ching :sunglasses:


Run them in veg mode till day 50, give a flush, check pH, then start flower phase.

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I use foxfarm nutes and soil but I use almost all of their nutes…there is a feeding schedule you can find that might help you out. I finished my first grow a little over a month ago. 4 plants yielded 13 oz of smokable bud and 2 oz of trim…I am about to have my second harvest in one more week. It will be 2 plants and I have 6 other plants every 2 a month behind the next 2. My plan is to harvest 6 oz a month. Don’t mix other chems only stick to fox farm if possible. These are auto flower btw…and yes I transplant and yes I lst and yes I lollipop…and yes I stress the hell out of my plants but it pays off…
Here is what fox farm has done for me…


Also you can start using tiger bloom on week 5 according to fox farm to actually answer your question