Are my buds ready?

My cannabis has been flowering for a few weeks. I’ve read that I suspect has gone male. Anyone that confirm this by looking at the pics? I hate to destroy this beauty because I’ve nurtured it from seed and have cared for it everyday since March. a lot about the pistils turning brown and curling and also about the trichomes turning from clear to milky white.
Any advice on the state of my buds is appreciated.

Need picture of whole plant would help

no, sorry but not ready…
your pistils are still white and growing
trichomes are probably all clear and not yet finished developing

I thought so too but since this is my first grow I’ve been very cautious. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate it.

I had to bring them inside because we had a hurricane however they are usually outdoors.

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I Pray you & your girls remain safe during the hurricane.

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