Aphids at harvest

Two weeks before chop aphids showed up out of nowhere. Funny thing is they only like Bruce Banner Fast, go figure. Of the four BBF seeds planted, one started yellow leaf bigtime, two are doing fine, fourth is going bonkers with deep emerald green leaves. This is the most fun I have had in years, learning volumes, taking notes, reading books. Now curing has become my focus, seems an art in it’s self. Pictures coming after harvest.

let us know your process for harvest / dry / cure…love to hear it

Every time I see your post that line makes me smile ear to ear. Could not have said it better. My Wife doesn’t get the plant at all or my love for it. She thinks it’s a waste of time. I always tell her “you love reading books for fun right “? She’s a bit of a bookworm. Anyway I tell her it’s the same with me and my gardening. It’s all about the fun. How do you quantify that? I guess that’s just when she gets on my case about money for my hobby too.

The funny thing is I have spent the most money on my fruit tree hobby by far than my cannabis hobby. :apple::peach::cherries:🫐:strawberry::tangerine::dollar:

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I’ve been digging so many holes it isn’t funny. When one gardens it’s a form of Zen, at least to me, actually seeing something you planted grow. Received two coffee plants and two pear trees, Fed EX, a couple of days ago so it’s a planter box and partial sun for the coffee. The pear trees are full sun and go on the upper lawn with the Mandarin Oranges, think dear fence. We have watermelon, pumpkin and cantaloupe coming on, squash coming out our ears and the list goes on. Bottom line is we eat healthier and fresher. BBF ( 8’ tall and bushy) is starting off this seasons harvest with GSC+JH coming up second ( it’s 9’ ). Moby Dick and Star Killer might not do so well as mid October is pushing it weather wise here in the PNW. A friend stopped by today and said his plants are unreal due to his soil prep. He uses Happy Frog, both blood and bone meal, chicken manure, perlite which he mixes up and puts in the bottom of the hole. He layers more HF then sets his clone in, water on timers with plenty of hot sun, he is a professional landscaper. His theory is when the plants roots hit his mix they are mature enough to take the heat and he gets results every time. Your partner should be glad you are home, you could be fishing, robing banks or hanging around in bars. My 2 cents, I’m rambling.