Aphid I look before asking

Will aphids effect the growth- swell. Late in my grow. Have about 10 days or so to go I think. Digging around this morning I see something move. At first I think it my eyes It early. So I go back after some pulls and wake up and do some looking and find these little friends moving around the bottom of one of my fabric pots.
Next question is. how would I go about getting rid of them.`


Aphids won’t hurt this late in the grow if you’re close to harvest. It takes time for them to do damage and they mostly hurt seedlings and smaller plants where they have time to breed and destroy cells in the leaves and stems.

You can still treat but treatment during flower is limited since you don’t want pesticides or even organic remedies on your buds.

Your best options are lady bugs in your grow room or treating the leaves and stems with neem or insecticidal soap being very careful not to get any on the buds. Aphids don’t eat the flowers they just suck nutrients and water from the leaves and stems so you wouldn’t have to treat the buds anyway.

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Thank you for the info. I haven’t been at this but about a year now. Would have sent a pic still working on figuring out this page.

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There’s a symbol with and up arrow on the bottom right side of the reply/edit screen. Tap that and you can upload photos.



@J-mes yeah you’re good man. Looks like you have at most 2 weeks left. It wouldn’t be worth the trouble trying to treat the aphids with all that. Lol

Thank you much appreciated