Anyone on here ever hear of Pinconning Paralyzer?

Ever hear of it? Know the story for the strain? Tried it?

A friend of mine told me that he’s been growing it for 30-40 years. He got it from a dealer in Pinconning, MI a long, long time ago. Apparently, it is a very good indica that will knock you on your a$$.


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I know it comes from Michigan. I smoked it up there with a friend in the UP. It was definately potent bud. I stayed where I was that night.

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It’s a newly developed, kick-ass strain! Give me a second & I’ll find the link to buy the seeds.

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I’ve never heard of it, but from what y’all are describing, it’s good for the insomnia nights. :star_struck: That would have been good for me this past week.

PS: So y’all don’t get a slap on the wrist, please make sure you message each other the seed link. Unless you are into slaps on the wrist, then… :rofl:

The original strain was lost with breeder. Only some later strains that are not the original still survive. The strains were known to help with nerve pain and to knock you out.

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I live about 5-10 minutes from Pinconning. Not sure if it is true, but the story I heard was that a couple (husband) were apparently in Amsterdam and smoking Pinconning Paralyzer. Apparently, the husband could not move after smoking it. Since the weed turned out to be so awesome, the wife smuggled some seeds in her bra and, thus, back into the US.

Not sure if its true or not. Probably just a legend.


I’m grew up 20 min from pinconning. I had never heard that story before. My med grower there used to grow some of the breeders later strains.

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Legends are awesome and interesting. Wonder what the story will be like in ten years?

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