Anyone know about this feed

Spanish speakers will help here.
I was given two bags of this cannnaboom sl. A Spanish company. From the limited info I’ve found and a lot of translating, that it’s a bud hardener. Used from week 4 of flower. Has 10% potassium but less than 1% of a lot of proteins and amino acids. A lot on the Web but I’m English and we only have capacity for one language.

Any input is welcome and I’d be very grateful for knowledge of this product. I have 2kg of it and you use about 1 gram / gal or litre. Need to know that!!
I have a 70cm2 tent. I’ll be leaving it in my will I have that much. It has to be good for em but I need specifics. K heavy

it’s not Spanish, it is Portuguese!
looks like a pretty complete compound despite missing the phosphoro. I would use it as a ground cover, even before flowering, but I’m a novice and could be wrong. another option is to use it in soil preparation too, I don’t know 10% in proportion.

Not far off.
What do you mean by ground cover? @SWS5S4

top drees?I mean, mix half and half with worm and put it on top of the earth, I think two fingers of this mixture will help to decompose… you can also make tea, you need to put some bacteria together and an air pump and let it roll for a while. If you add some banana peels, save in potassium

if your cultivation is organic

It’s not and in coco. Using sensi grow and hydrotops bloom

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ok, I don’t know how to use it in your system, think this is an organic-mineral compost, maybe for a super soil or something like that

I’ll try it, I have loads… I’ll do a side by side test. Hopefully does OK thanks.

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