Anyone familiar with nitro cookies?

Has anyone grew this strain or know where I could get some seeds? Maybe this photo is manipulated to look like this but it looks bad ass and I would like to grow one to see if it does in fact look like this. And of course to try it out.

Only place Google came up with is seedsforme dot com, currently sold out.

Contact them, maybe you can get it when they get more in.

Nitro Cookies is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Gas Mask and Animal Cookies. This pungent strain is known to provide uplifting and relaxing effects. Nitro Cookies features gassy and earthy flavors with just a hint of sweetness. This strain produces frosty nugs that are dense, dark green, and purple. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Nitro Cookies has a flowering time of 8 weeks.

This one looks cool too! 13 Dawgs…available at theseedfair dot com. In Canada but deliver to the US


As I’ve just experienced, two seeds out of the same bag from a highly rated vender, grown side by side, no difference, and one was short, bushy, and green as a bare naked leprechaun. The other was tall, gangly, and all the colors of the rainbow. I’d sure hate to be the guy buying them to look at. Expression of genetics is gonna vary widely, and nothing or everything you do is going to play a part.

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I understand that, I have 5 strains going right now and some of the plants of the same strain look identical and some others are way different. And some from totally different strains also look identical with plants of a different strain. It’s very interesting how it works out like that. But I guess it’s the same for just about everything, humans and animals all are very different even when same parents conceived the offspring.

That picture of the nitro cookie plant looks awesome and I would love to have one turn out that way if I could find the seeds to start them. Ultimately the most important part of the grow is the end result of the plant being produced.

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