Anybody using Azomite

I got some Azomite and am wondering how much to use per 5gal pot…I’ve read up on it and have found it’s good for plants…Is it water soluble or do you mix it in the soil

It’s good stuff. You only add a pinch on an individual pot basis. A tiny pinch. Like how much salt you pinch into some tomato soup or scrambled eggs. Then water it in. Little goes a long way. The best way to do it is to put the whole pinch into all your mix before you put it into the individual pots. I like to mix it all up in a wheelbarrow before I put it in pots.

If you have it definitely use it. But I think it’s more advantageous if you reuse your soil or have a live soil type of grow. If you get new soil every time you should have plenty of trace minerals that you get from the new soil. But it gets used up after each season. I throw a couple handfuls into each of my raised beds right before planting every year.

Bill. I think sent you some seed I Pack it it…It absorbs moisture so makes a great base for keeping seeds long term in the fridge, then a pinch in the soil for GREAT ROOTING
I do not think it is water soluble unless you get the micronized versions and even then, it just spreads evenly in agitated water to disperse itself in the soil, so just a light sprinkling and mix in like topping off
Readily available…

Thanks…This site rocks in knowledge