Anybody else have issues w/ BHO?

Just curious… I get this butane processed garbage from the local dispensary… not just here but BHO in general and get mad acne?? And the shit literally bursts into flames when you put heat on it ??? You telling me you got the butane out?? Stop bs ing.

Venom. Looking at you. :thinking:

@regnartS a lot of solvent extracted concentrates have this issue because they don’t have the proper equipment to fully off gas it. You need a good vac oven on low heat and a lot of these guys just use the evaporative method which leaves a lot of solvent behind.

Make sure if you do buy solvent extracted concentrates to only buy from companies that post their lab results for residues and are transparent about their extraction process.

Also, as far as purity is concerned PHO and RSO is superior to BHO in my opinion. PHO because propane is cleaner than butane and a better solvent. RSO because alcohol will evaporate and off gas on on it’s own even after most of it is evaporated off so if it isn’t done right just leave it open at room temp a few days and the excess alcohol will evaporate out.

Hope you have better luck in the future with your extracts and concentrates. Don’t forget to research the company before purchase to make sure they do it right.


get it right and tthat means research you hit it on the mark MDBUDS #1 rule nobody in the business world is a close friend to the , well us so investigate every penny you spend especially on concentrates. I smoke weed but I have a friend who tore his lungs apart on some really bnad BHO it can happen.

Gotta have that Solventless Hash!