Any successfully save a seed from dispensary weed?

I found a seed in the Animal Mints (30% THC) that I bought from a local dispensary.

My questions - can you even grow anything from the seeds in dispo weed? Is it impossible given how the dispensaries genetically alter the plants?

The plant can become sterile after too many generations of inbreeding, so I’ve heard. But in that case, the females won’t produce any seeds.

Dispensaries are going to be growing from clones. If they ever pop seeds it’s to pheno hunt for a new mother plant.

What you probably have there is either an Animal Mints S1 Feminized, or Animal Mints x Unknown F1 Feminized. Either way, yeah I’d pop that.


Definitely pop it and send us pics. We want to see.:eyes:


Definitely interested, I have a couple seeds from dispensary. Will keep you updated. Happy growing!!

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I had a dispo seed someone found and gave me to grow. It was SherbHead, an Ohio-only strain. It grew to be one of the best plants - and buzz - I’ve ever grown. Sadly I didn’t take any clones…

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I was in a dispensary the other day in Seattle and saw something new. They were selling cheap ounces of trim and lowers sealed up in bags. You know the stuff that usually gets thrown into your crockpot or butter pot after you’re done trimming all your buds. I think they wanted 60 or 80 bucks it was super cheap. Anyway I could see seeds in it all the way across the counter and inquired to the bud tender. They said that those cheap ounces of trim always have seeds. But the bags just said Indica or sativa. Or else I would’ve bought a bunch of them.

Too many seeds not enough land😕 to try.

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Many, if not most growers nuke their weed to kill all powdery mildew and other detectable diseases. Does it kill a seed? Probably. But grow it anyway and see what happens.

I would NEVER put my buds in a microwave i don’t know 4sure but just by the sound of it seems like itd mess your bud up in many ways ?

You would probably know if you got microwaved weed. At least I would. It would taste like crap because you would have flashed off the terpenoids and basically decarbed it. I don’t know anyone who does that.

Yea right on thats exactly what I was thinking hell its made for food and you can definitely tell when food is made in microwave I could never take that chance but thats just me