Any standouts in the garden?

Hey there everybody, I was just wondering if anybody had some stand out honorable mentions in their gardens this year? Maybe mention a bit why rather than “I liked it”.

I wanted to share how much I enjoyed the DJ short blueberry I was gifted. Two seasons ago I grew it in my prove it pot. It had really good mold resistance, but kind of a short runty plant. I put in my notes not to top it. The next year I released it into my raised beds and the growth was phenomenal. It was probably one of the tallest stretch monsters in my garden this past grow season. The reason I wanted to mention it really, was the incredible mold resistance. I live in Seattle and as soon as Labor Day comes around mold resistance is all you care about. Anyway I have been very scientifically going through strains for about 15 or 16 years at this location. The DJ short blueberry literally blew anything I’ve ever tried out of the water. That motherfucker could sit in the rain for three or four weeks straight and Not get moldy. The smoke is delicious and lovely as well. It is a really good head high where you just need to relax and ponder life.

But I can’t stress enough the incredible mold resistance that this plant has brought to my gene pool. Let me tell you I’ve chucked lots of different pollen on these ladies. I expect and hope for great things from them in the future. I know this strain isn’t new, it’s kind of like a strain it is out of the grow circles now. But man the dj short BB is a mold resistant beast. Two thumbs up​:+1::+1:.


@Noddykitty Yeah, rain from end of September thru to February sucks! My daughter’s boyfriend had to bring his into the shed, my next door neighbour had to leave his on his patio outside, they never really budded out before he had to take them down due to the cold (I think he ended up chucking them).

That’s why I’d like to try some autos for outdoors…start them in the tent, move them outside and try and get them to finish end of August or mid-September.

If you don’t do autos I have some fast photos to suggest. You are just a 2hours north of me so you should have similar results.

I have found black cherry soda (old TGA but in soo many cherry strains it crazy) was the fastest photo I ever did here. They were done the end of august. I have also had really quick end of august from classic sour diesel. Always finishes fast at our location. Jilly bean isn’t as quick, she needs till end of September. But she can take some serious rain abuse and the smoke is my favorite of all time.

Then there’s Durban. I call it old reliable. I have occasionally had years where that’s all the harvest I got. Especially early on before my collection of genetics has grown. It is by far one of the best producing outdoor rain or shine. It is a Beast at resisting the weather and bugs. Guaranteed nugs.

I can’t wait to work the blueberry into my keepers. I really want that unreal mold resistance. Mold resistance is the #1 trait I select for. You can always up the terps or potency. But it’s no good if it goes moldy in the morning dew at Labor Day.

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I had and outstanding Gorilla Glue #4 in a recent indoor grow.
Outstanding because it was the only one to turn a fantastic purple color.


@Noddykitty That’s because folks on the west coast are chill! The people I work with in Ottawa have no sense of ha-ha, and they hate it when I laugh at the silly things they take so seriously. Hard to tell them that “it” really IS funny, guess they can’t see thru my warped humourvision. Maybe I should grow up, but it’s just too much fun seeing humour in life.

Thanks for the fast photo info! I’ll see if the seed bank in Vancouver has these strains. The official Gov’t store has 5 strains only! Do you start them inside and move them out in May or June, or??

@Khatru your plants are always so pretty. Definitely cover shots.

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I usually aim for Mother’s Day to plant outside. Keeper clones and seedlings. I pop seeds right around Valentine’s Day. Then sex them right away outside if it’s warm enough or in a S facing window. The spring equinox (12/12) I believe is March 20th. If you plant outside around mothers day, that gives you plenty of time to sex them. Then get them back into veg inside ahead of the grow season. (Tip: small seedlings only need small lights indoors. I use 13-20 watt aquarium leds I steal from my aquariums). The days are long enough by Mother’s Day they won’t spring flower when you want them to take off vegetating around here.

This year I am not popping any of my seeds. Just sharing with my local grow buddies around here. But I am growing my keeper clones. The local grow buddies help me pheno hunt. If something is great I always get a gift clone.

I chose to hunt down some gorilla glue crosses this year to pheno hunt for a gem. I enjoyed GG in the past. Great mold resistance, excellent trichomes. Shorter plants though, and just not quite enough terps. That’s why I am trying some new crosses to me. This is what I hunted down. Plan to pop them all next week sometime…

If I have a keeper plant who is a stretch monster, I sometimes wait till as late as the solstice. That way they don’t have as much time to stretch. In addition to waiting till the solstice to put it out, I then do a quick lollipop at the top. It always seems to make it shift gears from stretch growing in veg, and start budding. Seems to work every time. I admit that I’m biased and prefer a multitop bush to a 10 foot tree.

The only strain I ever saw hate topping (royally fucked it up) was an old TGA subcool & jinxproof collaboration named mothertongue. It was a lovely watermelon flavored kush. But every time I topped it (after 3 seasons) it royally fucked it up. It’s the only strain I would say “don’t top it dude”.

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