Any soil recommendations?

I’m new to soil growing :grimacing:, been growing hydro dwc in buckets since the start but wanted to try soil for my seedlings any recommendations?

Don’t do it! Haha jk

Depends if you want a pre-amended media or not. Organic? Assuming you will be going organic. For amended I would go with Ocean Forrest. Add slow release nutes about 3 weeks in…

For non amended soil there are a lot of options out there but I stick with Pro Mix MP. Ammend with slow release nutrients and then just feed the microbes… Personally Ive always had great results using this with the Gaia greens. Its a nice soil that does not compact much and will need to be watered every couple of days depending on media amendments like adding perlite or worm castings. The ocean forrest has a lot of beneficial micro nutrients as well so I have no problems mixing some in with my promix.

That’s basically it for an organic grow. Top it once a month and water. Add some micro nutes once in a while and compost tea if they look like they need it. Bigger pot the better and don’t have to mess with ph.

Lol I know I’m not home, I’m a long vacation in Maui at my dads house so I gotta get my green thumb fulfilled somehow hahah

Thanks brother this is what I was looking for, google searches have endless search results lol

I am in no way a advanced grower but ,I did want to weigh in on this subject a bit .I’ve been trying COM products (coast of maine) I LUV THEM !! so far my girls are growing like WEEDS lol ! but seriously i luv that i don’t need to measure all those nuits ,for me a novice the less i need to do the better .not sure if i mentioned i have auto’s / KUSH XL &TRIPLE XL One other thing I should mention the soil DOES’NT smell like a dead person ugh! so that’s my 2 cent’s .