Any recommendations for a complete indoor grow tent?

I bought this one off of Amazon last time:

The frame turned out (non-shockingly) to be cheap sh!t, so I had to rebuild it out of PVC pipe.

My goal is to have 2 grow tents. One on 12/12 time. The other on 18/6.

My question - should I go with another 5x5 or should I go smaller for a smaller one for the vegetative grow tent? If I should stick with something bigger, do you have any recommendations?

Thank you in advance.

The bulk of the cost of a tent is the tent and small is just a few $$ less than large
I bought off ebay and it was a cheapo but I am totally satisfied with it
I bought the 96x48x80, which is now out of stock

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase
Here is the thing (and “you know what I mean by thing”)
Height - I do not want to have to CRAWL or work squatted over in my tent, so TALL IS BETTER
Lights - I can hangim high, I can hangim low…room for growth
I can use for seedlings, veg stage all the way to flower…I afforded that to myself with my choice
Humidity & Heat become both MORE and LESS of an issue depending on size of the tent
When I started, I only had half the tent used and was able to STORE ALL MY equipment in the unused side…what a pleasure
TO heat…I had to add heat lamps to keep my large tent at the desired temperature
Humidity…was harder in such a large space
Now, I almost have 2 Rh zones…High on one side, lower on the other. I grow auto flowers and keep lights on 20/4. I start my photo’s in thee but move them outdoors for spring / summer
bottom line, BIGGER IS BETTER for me
So decide…If you are only going to start seedlings…well, that makes it simple. If you want OPTIONS to change things around in the future, GO LARGER
I am not a fan of the $$ of Gorilla or other HIGH $$ tents…my cheapo I open 2/3 times a day, no issues
I guess you know RIGHT away if you got a good one or a lemon
I did purchase some additional ROOF / top bars for lights as I installed a 650w, 8 bar, 2389 lights IR/UV Samsung 301b foldable light with 6 foot driver leads so I could mount my drivers OUTSIDE THE TENT
If you just need a small seedling area, I made one out of a WARDROBE moving box, lined it with diamond mylar (It provides insulation), cut a door and fastened with velcro strip…I start seedlings here ( i can fit a dozen easily in 1gal cloth containers for transplant later, more if I use 3" peat pods). When I am not seeding, I use it as a DRY BOX…added one of those air coolers

I can keep the rh at 50% and temps 50-60f during the DRY period. I freeze a gallon jug and change once every 12 hrs…PERFECT DRY BOX…I have dried half lb at once…7-10 days…perfect before moving to CURE JARS

I went through tents. Replaced them with cabinets made from wafer board with a frame made from ripped down 2x4s with an “L” cut out to hold the corners. Cut a hole for exhaust fan and can attach or remove SCROG nets or whatever easily. Floor to ceiling for maximum height. Use either, or both, for veg or flower as needed. And they were cheaper to build.

Forget tents!

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Huh. That’s exactly what I did. I was wondering how I could halve it for separate areas, if needed. What about a hanging wall suspended? Do you think that would work?

I can’t think of a reason why not. Go for it!

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