Any opinions on when to top dress for flower

I have Mr Bs Green trees bloom. I’ve kind of heard 3 different trains of thought.

Do you top dress prior to the plants kicking into flower. That way everything is primed and ready to go when the plants switch into flower mode. Also I’ve heard it takes 2-3 weeks for dry organics to break down and become available to the plant.

Or do you dump that shit on right when they start to flower.

Or a pretty popular train of thought says, not to use it until the plants are 3-4 weeks deep into flower. Assuming it takes 2-3 weeks for dry organics to become available this last one seems wrong. As the plants wouldn’t receive any bloom nutrients until the 2nd half of the flowering cycle.

For all I know at the end of the day it doesn’t really mattet

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I grow Organically i like to apply my Flower Nutrients a week before i switch to Flower in my EB’s. Theory being keep the Soil like a Buffet the plant will take what it needs. So Feed the Soil not the Plant :yin_yang:

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If your soil is properly amended before you start your seed, you should be able to get through their entire growing cycle with very little more than watering. It should take about ten days for the dry amendments to break down when you top dress. A great book to checkout is “True Living Organics” by the Rev, I learned a lot.