Any knowledgeable info on this light would be helpful

LED Grow Light SUNRAISE QB2000 3x3ft 4x4ft Dimmable LED Grow Lights with IR, High PPFD Upgraded Full Spectrum LED Growing Lamp with 648Pcs LEDs Commercial Grow Lights with Size 22.6"x22.6"

So the light you looking at uses the 2nd most efficient LED, the SMD 3030. In the LED lighting world, currently there are just a few really good chips and manufacturers. The Samsung Lm301b is the current king. Best in efficiency, heat production, light intensity etc. The SMD chip set is the 2nd best (3030 or any number is a reference to the size of said chip 30mm×30mm). For the price it looks like a good entry level light or for a small tent/foot print. If the ppfd charts are correct then it will definitely produce decent yields.


Cool thanks @Rye, buddy appreciate that I look at all the numbers and specs an im like yeah ok, I’m in the middle of dividing a room in my basement that’ll be 5’ by 13’ not sure if I wanted to divide it an make 2, but just trying to find something that’ll fill the space I was thinking of getting 2, and I have 2 of these

Man that’s a BIG area. I’d for sure divide it into 2, if not 3. I currently run a 5×5 and a 2×4, and I could use some more indoor area but I have WAY too much outside space to justify it.

The advantage of 2 or more areas is you can get a true perpetual grow going. Seedling to flower all in their own space/environment. Plus you can have a decent amount of space to work in, therefore it’s easier to do the chores and easier to keep clean.


I made this cabinet when I made my workbench, its 52"wide by 20" deep x 42" high its works out pretty good for seedlings an clones, I’m sure someone else on here would have a perfect use for it

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If you go with the 3030 over the 301b or 301h, you will pay the difference in electric cost, increase heat…SO cough up now…301b for soil, 301h for hydro…not really a difference in quality, just MORE WATERPROOF
It is OK for sprouting and vegging, and as plus has some IR…But when you get down to flowering, step it up or just use this as stage 1 grow area. II do that and move my plants to my 640w when the time comes.


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Gotcha @Mrb53004 thank you I appreciate it man, an thanks gotta have my work space

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@Mrb53004 so what would be a good light around $300 price range, I’m planning on buying 2 so anything you can suggest would be awesome

What is your time frame? ASAP, in a little while, later…

@Mrb53004 probably within the month

That takes buying direct form China out of the deal as build / ship would put you past that timeframe
Viparspectra XS 1500 . I am a big fan of this light as it performs as well as the 2000’s of other brands. Has Samsumg led’s, good warranty, etc. I run one of these, along side my 640w 8 bar…I have harvested 2 crops with this and it is spot on for a full spectrum grow cycle

I paid 147.38…on Amazon but can’t find a coupon now…Check out the specs
try code VIP1000 on their site (check google for coupon codes)…
For your $300, you pretty much get a pair…I have compared this to the Spider Farmer 2000…it alone is $300, and the Mars 2000 too…this will double the effectiveness
Be advised, the XS2000 is better light so check carefully. It does have larger PPFD zone and the sweet spot is almost 400 umols higher. Perfect for a 2x4 spot. So the hard part is: a pair of 1500’s or 1 2000…and a cheapo like the Maxi for seedlings. I do that also. I run 3 lights plus a UVA/UVB and RED 75w (root development) and am adding 2 blues (25w each) for veg growth
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@Mrb53004 ok I appreciate all your help man ill take a look at it this evening thanks again!!

you’re welcome. If this is for the cabinet you made (52x20x42) consider the XS2000 and add small single socket lamps on the sides…Great place for a RED on one side, blue on the other. Can be 25w-75w…You can also throw in a UVA/UVB bulb in late flower to pump up the terpines, then switch back to the blue for higher THC content

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Its actually for my room I’m building the 5’x13’

Do you plant to add a high wattage light n the future? If so, I would go with the pair of 1500’s. You can early grow under them and finish off under a larger light. That is what I did. I had a custom light built in China. It sis not come without issues but it eventually came and works.
8bars, 389 led per bar, IR & UV included, 6 ft driver leads so I could mount externally (less heat & control dimmer form outside the area), 640w full spectrum Samsung 301b’s…


Not sure exactly yet, trying to be budget friendly, what did that light bar run you?? @

$550 but delivery was 90.00 on a slow boat. Shipping can run 140-200 for a QUICK turnaround but that still is at least a week plus all the documents they have to process to ship it. Figure a month to month and a half. AND, if there is a problem…another month for return and replace.
So it ran me basically $1 a watt but is comparable to a Gavita costing almost twice as much.