Ants inside my plant

I have ants inside my Grandmommy Purple plant and they’re killing it one limb at a time. Any ideas? I am growing outside in the ground with super soil. I cut off a limb that was almost completely dead and ants were inside of it. I got rid of an ant nest on the ground around the plant but the ants are still in the plant.

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@Ronald if you have ants you probably have bigger problems. Ants only really attack plants that have aphid, white fly, and mite infestations. If they’re inside the branches and stems they likely followed in a boring insect or hitched a ride though an opening caused by some other insect damage, unless they’re carpenter ants then that’s another story.

Getting rid of the anthill will help but you have to clean your plants really good and kill the aphids, whiteflies, and possible mites and rinse off all the honeydew so the ants don’t come back.

To keep the ants out of the garden I’d go ham with some diatomaceous earth.