Ants in soil im a new to the grow world And could really use an the help Ican get

Hey im newbie and I have a ant problem in my soil I was going to use is it a problem any help is awesome thanks

Is your soil in an outside bed? Or are you using potting soil? Ants can be a sign of aphids, they like to farm them and eat the excrement. If your soil is outside you can use an ant bait, or pour boiling water on them if there are no plants nearby that will get burned. You can try diatomaceous earth, on the soil in your pot if you have a plant growing, or try flooding the soil with water, the ants will not stay in the pot if they are drowned a couple of times.

Agreed bro, if you’re plant has good roots flood them out. I would also spray some neem oil while flooding. Just my opinion. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Ok thanks guys and I’m just putting my soil mix together I haven’t even germinated my seeds yet I will be putting in a tent. Thanks again