Animal deterrent

Hey looking for other people’s ideas on keeping animals from eating my stuff! Fencing is not an option.i have everything here that northern Ohio has .my main concern is deer and groundhogs.i currently have a bar of ivory soap taped to my pot on one,so far so good knock on wood.dont really want to use Sevin at all but would consider in veg stage if anything starts getting ate.i planted autos in three different stages…what about mixing cayenne pepper in water and spaying on?? Economical is good!

Plant peppermint on edges of your grow area. Also Iris spring soap pieces as long as you can keep it from leaching into your plants.

@Franko garlic sprays and pepper sprays work decent but shouldn’t be used in flower. Another thing that works pretty well for deer but not sure if your neighbors would mind is motion activated spot lights set to only stay on a few seconds when a large animal comes by. It’ll spook the deer off and won’t hurt the dark time for your plants. Another option are those propane/diesel powered cannons that sound like a shotgun blast. They use them a lot on large farms but that’s definitely a noise concern if you have neighbors close.

You can plant marigolds flowers around your grow keeps animals away

Cactus is cheap in most cases.
Just a thought.