Amnesia haze, Early miss, revolver,+6 more

Hey I’m new here an wanted to show y’all what working with also fairly new to growing. This is my3rd grow but I bin having little problems now an then here me ladies tho amnesia haze mainline 3 cola .

It only let me do one pic

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This came off my super lemon haze auto any ideas

you can’t really see but there’s brown dots on leaf as well I’m wandering if its phosphorus or potassium she is in flower 26 days in . humidity is 49-52 temp 79-85 day spyder 2000 dial now is on 40% n I have 32 watt full spec with red on as well. Exhaust 6inch vivosun have floor fan an ceiling fan for top

Hello matt and welcome to the site.

Sorry but when we zoom in the picture it gets too blurry to be helpful. If you’re using a phone, try to get like 4 inches away. And take a picture without the zoom. It’ll be a sharper image we can zoom in on. Also if you do it in the natural sunlight too, instead of the camera flash or the grow lights. The overview ladies look lovely in the 1st pic. I don’t see the spotting/dotting you mention there.


its on her super lemon haze but the dots you have to b like close up n yea my phone sucks … IMA wait till daylight n take better pics tomorrow… But thank you for the tip…n the dots were only on a few bottom fan leaves

I subbed this from another thread. Does this look like what you are seeing?




Checked the twins this afternoon. They are almost 3 wks old. There’s something going on with a couple of the leaves — any suggestions?

I water using the wet-to-dry strategy and started using blackstrap molasses a week ago with every other watering — maybe too much?

It’s an Amnesia Haze auto — about 6” tall by 5” wide. Ocean Forest soil for the medium.




I don’t think it’s nutes or watering practice- except maybe if it’s been hot and sunny and you splashed some on the leaves.

There’s a little dark spot that concerns me on the leaf tip around your plants 8 o’clock in that pic. Can you get a close up of that leaf?


Dwight Butler Noddykitty


I completely concur with currdog. :eyes:It looks like some wet leaves spot caused a bit of burning in the sun. If the suns is out try and low aim when watering. The plant will just outgrow it. Not much to be done. When the new growth exceeds the old sun spotted leaves I just pinch those off. Later in flower those crispy spots are the first places botrytis (bud rot) likes to hop on and fuck up your plants. At least if there’s much moisture (RH) from the fall rains.

I did that myself about a week ago watering too late in the morning. It happens.


Thanks CD420 and DB — it’s been in the high 80s to mid 90s lately here in the VA Tidewater area, along with dew points consistently in the 70s this summer — extremely humid.

I did get the leaves wet during the past couple of waterings and they stayed wet when the sun came up — didn’t think much of it at the time until the spots started showing. I’ll need to be more accurate with the water bottle.

Here’s a couple close ups

of the spot you mentioned.



Yeah clip that black shit off. With high humidity like that you wanna be real careful. If they get a lot of dew in the morning think about shaking it off a bit.

It also looks like insect damage…thrips / leaf hopper excretion
are these outside?

I did it confusing to read re-post to add in some example pictures. After I did it I realize it was probably confusing. The original post is an indoor grow with leaf spot. The pictures weren’t clear enough. I think the thread sub was not as as good as seen in my head.:brain:

Na I kno wet burn this more like someone took a light brown sharpie n o so gently put few dots on leaf n I had to look close… But she b defoilate soon so it could b early signs she is 26 day in flower super lemon, but see how plays out…

Sounds like you know what you are doing.
Happy growing.

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I kinda do but not so much still learning a lot…I jus got this one step nute line called GOLD LEAF supposedly very superb so can’t wait to start using n see results

Or carefully blot with paper towel not toilet paper either… It picks water bubbles so easily an fast trust me works wonders for spills or even when u accidentally soak a leaf or mist them to much paper towel works wonders ! :slight_smile: