Ammonia smell?! Help

I have 4 northern light autos from seed stockers and they look amazing. I have always grown outdoors but I’m in FL so I decided to try indoors. I have them in 3 gallon pots with organic soil and I only feed them blood and bone meal. In that order. But I noticed a slight smell of ammonia. I water them REALLY WELL ONCE A WEEK. Again they look great smell great and are growing vigorously. But that ammonia smell is scaring me. Mars hydro ts 1000 in a 3x3 tent. Thank you all in advance!

I did just low stress this one is why it looks like it’s laying down btw

It’s the blood meal. When a compost is too high in N it will off-gas as ammonia.

Don’t add any more unless the plant seems to be lacking N (yellowing leaves). If you do run into a deficiency, pinch of blood meal will correct that in a couple days, no harm done. There’s really no need to worry about lack of N if you listen to your plant.

If you’re gonna veg for a while you can probably ride it out. If you’re a couple weeks from flower you might want to try to flush some of it out with clear water.


That makes alot of sense, seeing how that’s all I used to use but it was outdoors and I never put them in pots when I grew outside. thank you very much. I added it about a week ago I used a half cup. I think I’ll stick with fox farm nutes from now on. I was just tight on cash at that time!
Thanks again
-P Tree

Be sure to aerate your medium also

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I do water them with 7 pH and today I bought two air pumps for fish tanks or what not & a couple 5 gallon black buckets. So I was gonna start watering them like that. Is there any other way to aerate them? Again I apologize for being novice, but I can’t believe how much of a difference it is from growing outdoors to indoors. I’m learning alot and these plants are about 40-45 days old, and the only reason they are in this room is cause my tent is coming tomorrow. I’ll keep Yu updated I’m still trying to figure out home-growns site. :grimacing::slightly_smiling_face::+1::pray:


Soil is compacted, gotta aerate that shit pronto. Before you get root rot!:sunglasses:

@P-Tree Add some earthworms and poke some holes in your soil with a fork or a chopstick.

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I poke holes in my soil and attach the air tubes using a straw tapped to the end and stick that right in the soil at night…

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I was reading that mold can give off an ammonia smell, hope it is something else. good luck!

Or maybe, just maybe P-Tree is peeing on his Tree!

Haven’t done that since 8th grade. Lol, I use to soak moth balls in beer and throw them around the site. But I was anteen and it was outside. Those damn rabbits n deer would always eat my plants :rage: but the smell went away finally. They all look healthy for now.

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