ALL Reefer is Good

As we all strive for unattainable perfection, I consider that even the weakest, crappiest plant grown in dirt under the sun will flower and those flowers will get you high. I once planted some seeds in a shaded rocky place that was covered with landscape bark mulch. Three seeds sprouted, survived the summer and flowered, one female, two males. The tallest was 2 inches. The female grew a single seed from a bud that was as large as a pea. I didn’t even dry it out, just tossed it in a pipe and fired it up. Got a buzz.

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LoL…:sunglasses::call_me_hand: did u plant the seed?

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Damn! I should have…

You Might of got a Pheno!:sunglasses:

Back in the day me and my friends used to smoke leaf if we could get our hands on it. Never got much more than a headache.

Right now Im smoking some of my very first harvest. Some larfy buds I cut off of one of my girls who got hit with spider mites. She’s doing much better now (see my profile pic).

I sort of arranged them in my trim bin and put it in front of the AC and sorta forgot about em. Checked em yesterday and they were dry enough - and sticky. Ive smoked way worse then these.

I dont taste any spider mite (maybe they’re better fresh?) :rofl: Just lemon and pine. It’s pretty nice actually.


Congratulations on your first harvest! There is nothing better than smoking flowers that you grew yourself. Spider mites and all…


I’ll pass on the “Spider mites and all” but [poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]

Spider mites

  • Who smokes cannabis with Spider mites?

I was joking but on further reflection:
Spider mites will likely abandon a dead, dried hanging plant. Or they will die from lack of water. I think I’d rather vape or incinerate the occasional tiny spider corpse than inhale whatever I’d have to put on the plant to get rid of a little bug that wants to share. I definitely have no problem with introducing a hitchhiking mite or two into an alcohol-based tincture, which is my preferred method of ingestion.


Yeah man, don’t spider-shame my buds. :rofl:

Actually I’d be interested in seeing the results of that poll, if people were honest about it. And it ought to include a 3rd option - “can’t say for certain since I’ve smoked weed I got from the black market”. Check.

I’ve posted some pretty pictures but it’s been far from perfect. I made plenty of mistakes and I hope to learn from them.

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I Still hate the spider mites

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Life finds a way, but you want to grow properly or why bother???

Yeah, maybe I should give up the fight and burn it all down.

@snoleperd76 Of course we should do our best, I just want to point out that we shouldn’t get discouraged by less than perfect results. The dispensaries sell “perfect” weed, lacking only heart and soul. I prefer my heat stressed, rained-on, bug-nibbled plants grown with my loving hands on my terroir.


Your absolutely right.

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