All is well in my tent

I have been watching my grow like crazy. I guess I’m on pins and needles because this is my first grow. The help you all give is incredible. I had added those 3 plants from our local dispensary and one turned out to be male. And I took him out right away. The other two were moved to the sunroom away from my grow tent and they are female but still in exile. Lol. Now that you educated me I see the flower starting on all my females. They have red lights 12 and dark 12 hrs. Please if you see something I’m doing or something I need to be doing I’m open to the help. Thanks again♥️


How often do you water and how much

I water about every other day. I took those pics just before I watered them. Does it look like I water to much?

Give then 2-3 days before you water again see if there’s a change in the curling of your leaves

What kind of pots are you using…easiest way to see if they need water is clearing a small spot of the top soil…n stick a finger in there id recommend a pinky(wash it first obviously) if its damp giver another day. But ultimately your plant weight is the best indicator…I lift mine after watering n then again before I water the next time…if there’s no big change in weight ill give it more time


Yea but they ok once they get that big start filling of the planter’s to see when they need watering or stick your finger down in the soil about two inch to tell

I’m thinking maybe my tent is to hot in the day time when my lights are on and it’s zipped up. It stays between 80-88 in the day. What do you think? I have been wondering if I’m doing something wrong that my leaves on a few plants seem thin and a bit wrinkled.

80-88 is really at the top of the limits. I switched my dark time to the day when it is hotter and leave my lights on at night when it is cooler. It helped me bring down the temps a few degrees. If you are going to run that hot you should consider co2 supplements. You can also try: kelp and some De…it helps with high temps. More air circulation. Can you move motors / drivers outside of the tent? I installed my exhaust fan motor outside the tent and mounted my drivers outside the tent (I got 6 foot extensions to my drivers…depends on light/s you have). I have also, at times, added frozen milk bottles next to my small circulation fans and that helped considerably. I replaced every 8 hours except at nigh…it was cool enough. So I had 2 containers. Froze one while the other was in the tent, swapped out 8 hours later while re-freezing the first one and next morning / lights on, swapped out. You really want to get your temps down to around 75°f

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I agree with dark time in the day

I would have never thought of that. Such an easy answer. I was awake half the night thinking of everything I have done and learned so far and the temp was what I focused on. I will flip the lights in the morning and freeze some milk bottles tonight. My husband is picking up a small desk fan and I’ll do the frozen bottle thing during the day . Great advice thank you

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Yea daytime sleeptime has help me alot with temp/rh problems, it also allows me to run my air out fan at lower speeds as well