Ah oh -- days away -- what's this? Hermie? Please, no

Never saw this under the buds. Was cleaning up. +Whole plant.


@GrnyGrows I can’t see any nanners or pollen sacs in there. What are you referring to? As far as I can see these aren’t hermed but the last bottom picture has a few that might be questionable but I can’t tell in that lighting.

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The little sacs in the first pic.

@GrnyGrows I’m only seeing bracts/calyxes.

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Phew. Getting through all the stages the first time around is a real “trip”.

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You got this far, you’re home free.

Oh my, I don’t feel like it. Harvesting today and tomorrow. Have an issue with intake fan that has to be fixed first. I’m so excited. It smokes great, smells great and makes my little heart happy. Thanks for rooting for me.

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It doesn’t look “herme” to me. She may have pollinated and started to seed. For “days away” many of the pistils are staying white at the base which could indicate a pollinated bud.

BTW… Just by pictures I think you will gain quality and lots of quantity by waiting another week. (they look great but they don’t look quite done to me)

This is my sour diesel at day 39 of flower… I still have at least 5 weeks to go. In three weeks they will start to look done and I will be tempted but I know better. The last 10 days I am going to gain 2 ounces as they finish out perfectly.

As you can see by the pic… this plant has just started to show its fade in week 5 of flower stage. Over the the next month I want to see her suck every bit of nutrient out of those leaves then I will know she is done growing and 100% of the pistils should be tan/red/brown with virtually no white pistils left. If she still actively popping new pistils she is still growing.

Later in flower… Pay close attention to the pistils. Notice on this plant the pistils that degraded are completely degraded from top to bottom. Newer white pistils are white from base to tip. If you start seeing only the tips degrade then it may have been pollinated. Your white pistils look new and just starting to degrade… If they stay white then you will know.

On your flowers where i see all the white pistils, is where I see missed opportunity for a lotta chunk if they get cut now… With the pistils looking like that I think the trichomes have not degraded much if at all.

Again, great looking buds at this stage… Just trying to help and give my 2cents.

People always say overwatering is the biggest rookie mistake… Nope… Its harvesting too early and fing up the dry/cure.

Thanks for all the cool info. I am somewhat confused and feel like I will err on the side of wait too long to harvest. If I have some bedtime smoke – so be it.

I think I’m following all that you’re saying. Of my three first-grow girls, I think one is done now. One needs at least another week and the third I’m thinking two weeks. Not having a stash is the beginning grower’s biggest challenge – we want to harvest so we can enjoy a better life. Once I have a little stash, I know I’ll gain some patience. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I know the feeling… I can’t afford to miss a cycle.

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That’s why I had to go big – I need my pantry. Then I can just do my happy thing.

Ugh huh lol. If you do. Feel free to fill me in.

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Update: It’s working. With a full pantry, my stress level is lower, much lower.

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Update: It’s working. With a full pantry, my stress level is lower, much lower.